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Recently, we have expanded our marketplace with some features. An essential service for investors is the so-called “investment assistant”. The functionality is suitable for all investors at Abel Magwitch who would like to be up-to-date on loan projects at any time.


How does that work exactly?


How does that work exactly?


The Abel Magwitch “Investment Assistant” monitors suitable loan projects on behalf of investors. Because so far you could miss attractive loan projects, which were financed quickly. Sometimes Abel Magwitch does that within 30 minutes. The only possibility: constantly “lying in wait” – which costs time. Investors have often written about this in the forum, according to the motto “pity, I would have liked to finance”.


That’s past history with the Attachment Wizard. There investors can define exactly which projects are interesting for them. Depending on the risk-return profile, investors choose the criteria that suit them. You can select the rating class, the minimum nominal interest rate, the minimum return, the term, the funding rate and the KDF indicator of the loan projects that are of interest to you.


If, for example, investors want to invest money in security A to C and operate in the long term, they can limit themselves to 60-month projects. Likewise, they would probably prefer a low KDF (1 and 2) and low loan project volumes of € 250 to € 5,000. However, as they have requirements for the minimum return, they are only interested in projects with a minimum return of 6%. All this you enter in the installation wizard and – done! Each time a new loan project comes on the marketplace that suits their criteria, they will receive an email. As a result, they can immediately bid and secure attractive loan projects.


Another effect of the Attachment Wizard is to simplify portfolio formation. The sortable setting allows investors to gradually build the right portfolio for them on Abel Magwitch. For example, investors can set up multiple investment wizards: one each for good credit, one for middle and one for higher credit.


If there are any functionalities that you want to know integrated or improved, please let us know – preferably here in the blog or in the forum.




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