Further Interest Rate Increase Makes Forward Loans Even More Attractive

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05/30/2015 Construction Financing

In recent years, the interest rates for real estate loans knew only one direction. They have fallen almost continuously, in April they reached their low. Many a real estate owner has been angry about this development and looked with envy on current builders and buyers. But in recent weeks interest rates have risen and at the same time many experts are speculating about a rise in interest rates.


It is still not certain, but the low-interest phase could have passed its low point. It is possible that loan interest rates will continue to rise over the coming months and years. Especially those who need follow-up funding during this period should therefore consider whether they would like to take the opportunity and sign up for a Foward loan.


Secure interest rate for follow-up financing


Secure interest rate for follow-up financing


Forward loans are used for interest rate hedging, ie it is now determined at which interest rate the subsequent follow-up financing takes place. The procedure is very simple: The financing is regulated in all details, so that later a smooth rescheduling can take place, ie the remaining outstanding debt is replaced with the new loan.


Unfortunately, there are still many homeowners who do not really dare to tackle this issue because they find it complicated. This type of follow-up financing is very easy to understand. In addition, we offer competent advice: who in the foreseeable future must make a follow-up financing, can inform us without obligation. Our consultants are happy to help by analyzing existing financing and then developing a follow-up financing concept. Of course, financing offers from hundreds of banks are evaluated so that the future loan can convince with the best possible conditions.




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