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 One of our Affiliate Partners,, once made the effort to define the most important criteria that apply to a good loan and to make a comparison between the Finn personal loan and a bank loan. Which is better?

  • Interest rates: Despite the 3.25% cut in the ECB’s key interest rates, the bank’s bankruptcy and installment interest rates have only fallen by around 1%. In the case of Finn, the borrower sets the interest rate himself and can thereby obtain far lower interest rates than at the bank. One to zero for Finn!
  • Loan amount and duration: Depending on the provider, the bank may borrow between € 500 and € 50,000 with a term of between 6 and 84 months. However, one is bound to the original chosen term also. At Finn, borrowers can borrow between € 1,000 and € 25,000 and are thus limited to the top. In terms of maturity, Finn can only choose between 36 and 60 months, but can be paid back at any time for free, which makes it even more flexible than at the bank. Nevertheless, the point according to this time to the bank loan.
  • Self-employed: Banks like to reject self-employed people from the outset, because they classify this target group as too risky. In contrast, Finns have exactly the same opportunities as private individuals to obtain a loan from Finn. Investors at Finn like to invest in loan projects of the self-employed, because they know (often from their own experience) that loans from self-employed are not better or worse than those of private individuals. In this point, Finn is clearly ahead.
  • Special repayment: Premature repayment or special repayment is often only possible at the bank with additional fees, which can also be quite high. At Finn, an early repayment of the complete loan amount is possible at any time free of charge. Again, Finn is ahead again.
  • For criteria such as processing time, settlement security and acceptance probability, the two counterparties Bankkredit and Finn-Kredit score equally well, according to

The result:

The result:


In 3 out of 7 points, Finn beats the loan from the bank. With 3 criteria is a tie. In just one point, the bank wins the comparison. “Overall, the credit of private at Finn combines the most advantages over the bank loan”, so the conclusion of

So congratulations to Finn !!! … that’s why we deserve a pretty comparison seal zu


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