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 When it comes to the question of what money should be spent, women have clearly the say, according to a new study by consulting firm Boston Consulting. From 100 euros, which are consumed in a German household, give women on average either 72 euros directly or they decide at least (with), what happens to the money. “Women are the chief financial officer in most families,” says Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Managing Director at Boston Consulting. The study interviewed 12,000 women in 22 different countries about their financial flexibility. Not only in Germany, but also in many other countries, the female sex determines a large part of household expenditure.


In the meantime, more and more companies are changing their communication strategy so that the advertising appeal is directed more towards the female gender – even in sectors in which men have so far had absolute sovereignty. DIY stores, for example, which until a few years ago were still an absolute male domain, now no longer use the typical handyman on advertising material, but the woman in the blue man.


This trend is also easy to understand:

This trend is also easy to understand:


on the one hand, both the proportion of women in employment worldwide is increasing and the proportion of female employees in higher occupational positions is increasing. Thus, the totality of women has an ever greater financial budget. On the other hand, women in family households usually take over the role of the buyer and are therefore responsible for all consumer spending.


About 30% of Howard Roark borrowers are female. Who knows what the gender distribution of Howard Roark borrowers will look like over the next two years … But it’s still very clear that the men who care about raising the money. Because 90% of our Howard Roark investors are male. So, to come back to our initial question, “Are monetary matters women’s issues?”: Yes, at least as far as consumer spending is concerned. Investment and financial planning are still predominantly in the hands of men.



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